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Hello and welcome to the Bad Penny Custom Shop. Firstly, let me say that building a custom effect for you is by far our favorite thing to do here at BPFX. We will work with you at every stage to craft whatever madness it is you have locked away in your imagination. We have an array of skills between us and are more than willing to test out new techniques, incur life-long injuries, and learn new skills to make your dream come true. Some customers come to us with fully-fledged ideas down to the finest detail, and some have as little as an aroma with the vaguest terms, both are challenging in different ways and we love them equally. Now, you're probably thinking, how much all this fancy pants stuff is going to cost. Well, essentially it costs what you want it to cost, depending on how crazy you really want to go with this. Custom designs can be as simple as a tweak to the graphic, which you can expect to set you back an additional £30 on the standard unit price. To give you a more accurate price though, we are going to need to have a chat. Our customs usually end up between £200 and £300 but, can be as low as £120. However, if you want your 1812 Salamanca retrofitted, on-site, with every effect known to man, it might end up a little more. Just ask and you shall find out.

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All units are made to order, please allow 5 - 10 working days for your build

UK: £4.99

EU: £8.99

USA, CANADA: £12.99

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Badpenny FX is a small business, specialising in boutique instrument effects. All units are made to order and available for customisation.


All units come with a lifetime warranty, under reasonable use, to the original purchaser. This does not cover: internal tampering (other than trim pot settings), animal attacks, water damage, fire, nuclear explosion or any use whatsoever by Jeremy Clarkson.