The Not-So-Smoothest Flow

What's that you ask... well, it's only the legend Marcus of https://www.instagram.com/marcusdluxe/ fame, with another glorious Bad Penny FX demo. This time, it's the Smoothflow. Now, quick caveat, Marcus was one of the first guys out there to buy the Smoothflow and so owns the v1. Mostly the pedal is the same as our current version but, as is the way here at BPFX, we are continually improving and modifying our circuits and layouts. Marcus's version has a Turbo switch, when has been replaced with a clean switch and, Marcus's tone shaping switch placements have been switched. The graphic has had some minor tweaks to bring it in-line with the rest of our units but other than that, it's an identical beast. Pedantic, I know but I felt like it had to be said. Shoot me if needs be.

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