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Hyperfocal Fuzz - Retrofit Range

Hyperfocal Fuzz - Retrofit Range


- Visual Vintage Fuzz - 


Hyperfocal is where it all started for Bad Penny FX. Now, years later, this unit has evolved into a different class of retrofit. Reinforcement of the authentic,100-year-old box camera is made by a  graphically etched 2mm aluminium banding. 


Open the rear of the Hyperfocal to take a look at the vintage tag-board circuitry with all-vintage components. The fuzz is a classic germanium transistor fuzz, able to lay-back and clean-up or dish out those vintage screams. No tone control here, to provide the most clarity and volume, and an additional bias control has been implemented, allowing the user to "miss-bias", creating spluttery, gated tones.







Retrofit Range


Being part of our Retrofit range means that this unit is repurposed from vintage and now unused artifacts from days past. Wired completely by hand and repurposed in-house means a great deal of time and attention goes into this range. High-quality components and vintage waxed cloth wire are used throughout. It requires 9v power, supplied from a standard BOSS type, center negative source. 



Please check our gallery for a video demo


For more HYPERFOCAL photos, gut shots and video, CLICK HERE


  • Postage and Returns

    Postage will be fully insured and packaged well. All pre-built pedals will be dispatched within 3 working days. Custom builds will be discussed privately. Returns are accepted, please make contact with in 14 days of receiving your new pedal to discuss.

  • Notable Components

    Japanese Tocos Cosmos potentiometers

    Mono 1/4" Neutrik Jacks

    Germanium NKT275 transistors (repro)

    Retrofitted into a vintage Brownie box camera enclosure

    Vintage NOS Russian military grade k40y-9 capacitor

    Vintage NOS Philips capacitors

    Vintage NOS resistors

  • Controls

    Master Volume - controls output of your unit

    Bias - smooths out of creates mild spluttering tone

    Fuzz - controls the amount of gain/fuzz of your signal

  • Dimensions

    140mm x 110mm x 85mm