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Oldog - Mini Range

Oldog - Mini Range


- Ferocious - 



Oldog is a pub favourite. A deep-fried, crispy, high-fat, high-salt, Gillian Mckeith aneurysm inducing, vintage fuzz pedal. It's a classic, a tradition if-you-will. Two-stages of germanium amplification with a mix of high-stability modern resistors and vintage tone-shaping capacitors, give you warmth only nine pints deep on Harveys Best could else provide.  Gain is set to maximum, with user control and cleanup coming from the input audio. The switch at the rear toggles between input capacitors. One setting will be full with plenty of bass, the second will pass less bass and therefore be a brighter fuzz with minimal reduction in gain.


Oldog was the first "One-Knob" production unit and has been highly appreciated by its users across the globe. 







Boutique One-Knob Range


Being part of our Boutique One-Knob range means that this unit is made completely by hand, requires the most time and patience, and therefore, is of the highest quality Bad Penny FX has to offer. It uses a blend of vintage tone-shaping capacitors and other high-stability modern components, as standard. It is fully internally shielded, with surrounding thick gauge bus wire to provide high-quality grounding. All internal wiring uses vintage waxed cloth wire, commonly used in vintage amplifiers. It requires 9v power, supplied from a standard BOSS type, center negative source. Each enclosure is handmade, in-house, from beautifully grained, English Ash hardwood and 2mm aluminum, marked with a serial number to the back-plate.


The price of this range will increase as other ranges are added to our catalog.