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Dynamic Boost
  • Dynamic Boost

    Our Dynamic Boost is quite the treat for any players board, however functions just as well processing DAW audio signals. This is a single transistor boost with gain, master volume and bass controls. With a slightly reduced guitar/input signal and the gain of the unit set to minimum you can achieve a clean tripling of the original volume, the bass switch allowing you further tone shaping, toggling between a bright treble boost or full thickness of your original signal. Turning the gain control will progressively add dirt all the way up to spluttering crunch, making this a highly versatile, dynamic boost for almost any occasion, it can be bright, it can be full, it can be loud or crunchy and is always beautifully articulate of your expression.


    Please check our gallery for a demo video


    For more DYNAMIC BOOST photos, gut shots and video, CLICK HERE

    • Notable Components

      Japanese Tocos potentiometers

      Neutrik mono 1/4" jack sockets

      22awg waxed cloth wire throughout

      Retrofitted into a vintage British enclosure

    • Controls

      Gain - controls gain or dirt of your signal

      Bass - reduces bass at input

      Master Volume - controls master output of unit

    • Care

      Use ony with 9v centre negative power supply, any other supply could result in frying your unit

    • Postage and Returns

      Postage will be fully insured and packaged well. All pre-built pedals will be dispatched within 3 working days. Custom builds will be discussed privately. Returns are accepted, please make contact with in 14 days of receiving your new pedal to discuss.