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Germanium Fuzz
  • Germanium Fuzz


    This pedal is a Germanium Fuzz Face style pedal with tag-board circuit architecture. There can be a thick, saturated output on this NKT275 driven fuzz, should you so desire, and the 2.2uf input cap keeps everything bassy. 


    Please check our gallery for a video demo


    For more GERMANIUM FUZZ photos, gut shots and video, CLICK HERE

    • Postage and Returns

      Postage will be fully insured and packaged well. All pre-built pedals will be dispatched within 3 working days. Custom builds will be discussed privately. Returns are accepted, please make contact with in 14 days of receiving your new pedal to discuss.

    • Notable Components

      Japanese Tocos Cosmos potentiometers

      Mono 1/4" Neutrik Jacks

      Germanium NKT275 transistors (repro)

      Retrofitted into a vintage power controller enclosure

      Vintage Russian military grade k40y-9 capacitor

      Tagboard circuit architecture

    • Controls

      Gain - controls the amount of fuzzy gain, moves from face melting to gentle dirt
      Master Volume - controls output of your unit

    • Care

      Use only with 9v centre negative power supply, any other supply could result in frying your unit

      Requires an isolated or independant power supply