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Smoothflow - Pedalboard Range

Smoothflow - Pedalboard Range


- Sleeper Agent -


Smoothflow is a highly dynamic boost/overdrive unit in the Shwanky Pedalboard range, by Bad Penny FX.  Conceptually starting life as a one-knob, analog boost pedal, Smoothflow's foundations are simple. A low part count, single transistor-based amplifier, offering up to 20Db of full-bodied gain. To increase variability, user controls have been added in the form of a switchable high-pass filter (bass cut) and an overextended gain control knob. In this arrangement, the user can choose to boost, cut, and crush audio or reduce all coloration and preserve the characteristics of their original signal. 


Building again, we decided to double-down on the concept, stacking two boosts (if we can still call them that) into one unit. These dual circuits are highly input sensitive, we added a Db reduction switch (clean) to the input. The user can adjust the reduction with an internal trim pot, to personal preference.


Smoothflow is quiet, it is ridiculously loud, it is a clean boost,  a dirty boost, an overdrive, a broken and starved fuzz, it is all and none of these, but more importantly, whatever you want it to be. 










Boutique Shwanky Pedalboard Range


Being part of our SPB range means that this unit is made completely by hand, requires the most time and patience, and therefore, is of the highest quality Bad Penny FX has to offer. It uses a blend of vintage tone-shaping capacitors and other high-stability modern components, as standard. It is fully internally shielded, with surrounding thick gauge bus wire to provide high-quality grounding. All internal wiring uses vintage waxed cloth wire, commonly used in vintage amplifiers. It requires 9v power, supplied from a standard BOSS type, center negative source. Each enclosure is handmade, in-house, from beautifully grained, English Ash hardwood and 2mm aluminum, marked with a serial number to the back-plate. 









  • Reviews

    Goliath Studios

    The Smoothflow, oh my god. What a fucking pedal. Because of the amount of control it's got it just shines. Used it with my FGN, but switched to my Solar in drop B on a high gain channel and it shreds! On bass its phenomenal. So much control and tone shaping


    Marcus D'luxe

    The Smoothflow is a truly superb pedal with a perfect transparent tone allowing your guitars voice to sing through. Great lower gain drives from stage one with the ability to go to saturated gappy spitty growl with stage two thrown in.